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  1. Brass Is Back and It’s Here to Stay

    That’s right, brass is back. It has been for a few years now, so it’s safe to say that brass is going to stick around for a while. As with most trends, it’s back with a twist–an update on the old standard that looks fresh and classy. The brass trend is… Read More

  2. Light Bulbs: Watts, Lumens, and Kelvin

    typhoonlighting.comUntil recently there was little need to really know your way around a lightbulb aisle. Most people know what lightbulbs they need for their fixtures and have a general idea about the wattage required for their lamps and ceiling lights. Maybe they’ve figured out halogen bulbs for certain fixtures or by chance found… Read More

  3. How to Shade a Light: Finding the Perfect Lampshade for Your Lamp

    The single most important thing that you need to know about shading a lamp is this: you need to bring the lamp with you when you shop for a new lampshade. From there, it’s pretty simple if you’re shopping at Typhoon because we’ll help you find the right lampshade. But here… Read More

  4. Interior Lighting Essentials: Lighting 101

    Any lighting scheme will incorporate at least one of these key lighting elements. Consider this your lighting basics primer. AMBIENT Ambient lighting is general lighting; it is the base on which all other lighting is planned. This lighting is the foundation lighting that allows you to turn a knob or… Read More

  5. A Note from Ann: Winter Light Deprivation

    At the end of a long, cold winter interior lighting feels critically important. We all feel so light deprived. Deep into the winter season it begins to feel like you wake in darkness, go to work, and return home in darkness. Those two lamps with 60 watt bulbs just aren’t… Read More

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