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Can you fix my light?

The chances are VERY good that we can. And quite frankly, it would be our pleasure. We don't discriminate against any types of lights and will give our best to the simplest table lamp or dramatically complex crystal chandelier. Feel free to bring your light in anytime during normal showroom hours for a free estimate and plan of action!

How much will it cost to fix my light?

We charge for the parts and labor required to repair your fixture. Labor is $80 per hour. A good rule of thumb to estimate labor: it takes approximately half an hour per socket to rewire a fixture. If you need metal refinishing work, extensive cleaning, or soldering we will need to assess in person to provide an estimate.

Do you install? Can you come take down my chandelier/sconces/hard wired fixture?

We do not install. Although our team knows a great deal about lighting and wiring, we are not licensed electricians and cannot install or remove your lights. We would be happy to recommended electricians to you that have never let us down. And if you prefer to have your electrician drop off and pick up your fixture, we can coordinate with them to make that happen.

I need a lampshade...

We have plenty of lampshades! Drums, empires, bells, squares, rectangles, ovals, French ovals, bouillettes, cut corners, hexagons and more. Do us a BIG favor and bring in your lamp. Have you ever gone shopping for a hat? It's not too easy without your head. Same applies to shading a lamp. We know it's a little bit of a shlep, but it's worth it. Plus we may find something you never would have thought would work! We can also make sure your new shade sits correctly atop your lamp.

UV rays from sunshine and hot bulbs are the two biggest culprits for lampshade lining disintegration. You can cut out the lining of the shade to avoid a fire hazard, but the reality is you need a new shade. The good news is that energy efficient bulbs are creating less heat and little to no UV, so if you want to prolong a shade's life, use an LED bulb.

What's your return policy?

Here at Typhoon, we don't want you to feel stuck or unhappy with a purchase. Feel free to return merchandise purchased in the showroom within 10 days for a full refund. If the product is in good condition and original packaging/wrapping we will accept returns for store credit within 30 days of purchase. Special orders are final sale, few exceptions apply. We will return special orders only when the manufacturer allows returns, often times a restocking fee applies.

Do you have light bulbs?

We do! We have many specialty incandescents, fluorescents, halogen, LED, and vintage style Edison bulbs. There is a vast sea of light bulbs out there and we try to stock as many as we can. Alas, there are some that we must order. If you can, bring the bulb you are looking for with you and have the wattage and voltage handy.

Where do you get your antique fixtures?

Owner, Ann Davis, has been doing this for a while, so many lights find us. We do have an off-site warehouse that holds the vintage gems that are waiting for the TLC they deserve. Some lights we seek out at auctions, design markets, historic properties, and other corners of the universe. A large portion of our fixtures are from Pittsburgh and Western Pennsylvania because our local lighting history is awesomely bright!

Can you help me find just one light?

Of course! Come on in whenever you can. If "the one" is hanging or standing in the showroom we will gladly package it up and send it home with you (let's be honest, instant gratification rocks). If not, we have lots of diverse and fabulous lighting catalogs, in all styles and price ranges. Come prepared with pictures of the room, ceiling height, and other important measurements like table size or vanity dimensions. These are the elements that help us figure out what will work for you.

I am building/renovating my home, can you help me find a lot of lights?

Absolutely. We thrive on collaborative projects, so grab your plans, architect, designer, creativity, and let's do this! It is ideal to sit down before any electrical work has begun or junction boxes have been placed. This allows the best end result and the fewest change orders and time delays. Projects of this scale often require site visit(s) by our design team which is no extra cost to you. Whether you are rehabbing a 100+ year old home or building new, we are ready to be your guide through the important world of lighting details. This is a VERY key part of the comfort and ambiance of your home—think of it early and often during your building process.

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